John Glenn

The first man to go to Mercury

My hero is John Glenn, he was the first man to go step foot on the planet Mercury, many described him as funny, courageous, and overall a nice person. He is a good hero to look up to because he was inspirational, most kids dream about doing what he did but he had a dream about it and did it. I would describe him as brave, strong, and as a person that has a lot of patience. I would describe him as brave because most people would be to scared to be one of the first people to walk on the Mercury , I know I definitely wouldn't do it. I would also describe him as strong because he had to leave his family behind for a long amount of time just for him to pursue his dream. Lastly I would describe him as a person that has a lot of patience because he had to endure the long amount of time before he made it to the planet, I wouldn't be able to sit there for long periods of time.

He was born into a loving home in Cambridge Ohio, July 18 1921. So I would say he in fact did not have trouble growing up, and he didn't have an unusual birth. His call to adventure would be when NASA asked him to go to space, because I mean that adventure at a whole other level. He did in fact leave his natural environment when he responded to them, he left to start his training to see if he was actually qualified. When John Qualified to go to space he knew he had succeeded at all of his hard work. John was happy that when he came home he would get to see his wife kids and grand kids and overall he thought that was his real reward.


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