Fun Over Spring Break!!!!  

Troy M #SpringBreak #Kettner #tech41

During spring break I was very bored because my dad had to work. The whole week I just laid around the house. The only thing I did was go over to my friends that go to Bowdish and spent a  day or two over there. During the weekends I was just lazy and just sat around the house. Telling more about me I am from Spokane and my family loves to travel I guess that we are used to it because my dad is in the military. One of the places I love going is LA and also going to Oklahoma. My favorite sports are football and Basketball. (Seahawks) (LA Lakers)

Me and my dog Gunner.

This is where we travel sometimes. (Los Angeles CA)

Oklahoma City is another place. (Place that I might live)

Favorite Basketball team!!

My dad is in the Air Force so that's big in my life (The reason I might move to Oklahoma)

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