Stop Bullying

If I was part of this group I would speak up and tell them to stop bullying. This would make me fell like I have been doing something wrong. Afterwards i would find that person tell them that we are sorry. If somebody was bullying me I would tell them to stop, and if they did not stop i will defend for myself because I will not let anybody push me around.

Scenario 2

The message this sends to the bully is that he will think that he can keep doing it, and people will not care. Some things we can do to act socially responsible is that to tell the bully to stop and say that this is wrong.  By standing up for this classmate we would change the school by telling everyone that bullying is wrong. The message is that the bully might not ever bully again. The video was sad, cyber bullying has to end. more people are dying each year because of cyber bullying. If cyber bullying keeps happening more people will be killed.