8 Easter Travel Tips To Save You Hassle At The Airport

  If you are travelling this Easter expect the roads and airports to be busier than usual as many travellers will be taking advantage of the extended break to jet away somewhere warm. It's also the start of the school holidays which means it's going to be a busy time at the airports and, coupled with the prospect of strike action by several airlines, delays could be experienced.

  While delays and disruption may be out of your control, you can help to minimise the stress and queuing time you experience travelling through the airport this Easter. By being organised, checking regulations and dealing with as many things as possible prior to getting to the airport you will make life easier for yourself. The following tips should help you reduce your queuing time and make for a smoother transit through the baggage x ray machine:

  1.Check in online

  Most airlines allow you to check-in online these days, in fact, some budget airlines actually charge for airport check-in, so if you can, check-in online and print off your own boarding passes. This saves you valuable queuing time at the airport as you only need to visit the fast-bag drop to hand over your baggage.

  2.Travel with hand luggage only

  Travelling with only hand luggage gives you so much freedom. It's such a lovely feeling to just turn up at the airport knowing the only queue you may encounter is when passing through security. It's also a great feeling knowing you don't have to queue at the luggage carousel when you land. Travelling with only hand luggage may not be practical when travelling with children, especially young children, but if your trip is only for a few days you may be able to pare down your airport security scanner sufficiently to give it a try.

  3.Buy your foreign currency before you get to the airport

  Don't leave buying currency until you get to the airport. You won't get the best rate and it's just another potential queue you'll have to join. For the easiest option, buy your currency online and have it delivered to your home.

  4.Check your travel documents and keep them together

  If you're travelling as a family, designate one person to hold all the passports, tickets, paperwork etc. I know children like to be independent, but don't let them manage their own tickets and passports. Most children don't fully understand the importance of the documents and the implications of losing them. Even misplacing them by throwing them in their bag could cause delays when passing through security or trying to board the plane. You don't need the stress of unpacking a bag to find your child's passport or boarding pass, and you aren't going to make yourself popular with your fellow passengers either.

  5.Be fully up-to-date with checked-in luggage restrictions

  Check your luggage allowances before packing. Checked-in luggage and hand luggage restrictions vary from airline to airline, so check online prior to travel, and don't just assume that last year's weight limit is the same as this year's. Check it first. It doesn't take much time and it could save you hassle and the expense of excess baggage charges.

  6.Check hand luggage restrictions

  There are strict rules governing what can and cannot be placed in hand luggage. Make sure you are aware of the restrictions, particularly the liquids in luggage rules. If you are visiting family this Easter and plan to carry presents in your hand luggage, make sure they are unwrapped. Any wrapped presents may be unwrapped for inspection when passing through x-ray cargo scanner .

  7.Book your airport parking online

  To secure the best possible price and avoid stress on arrival, make sure you book your airport parking in advance. Significant savings can be made by booking airport parking online, in advance.

  8.Book an airport hotel

  If you really want to save yourself stress or hassle on your departure day, book an airport hotel and stay the night before. By staying at an airport hotel you know that you won't be affected by traffic delays and will easily be able to get to the airport. Some airlines also offer twilight check-in, or the equivalent, which allows you to check-in at the airport the day before and drop your luggage off too.

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