The Seven Themes of
Catholic Social Teaching
By: Daria

Life and Dignity of The Human Person

This teaching is about respecting everyone around us to love each other for ourselves. This isn't only directed towards us, but also towards animals and plants.

DHI is a supportive website for this teaching. It teaches and encourages respecting human dignity. It is "The Most Important Organization Promoting Human Dignity in The World."

Call to Family, Community, and Participation

This message means to be just and fair towards everyone around us, no matter who they are. It shows that we are all different, but we should still treat everyone the same.

California Catholic Conference supports people in their neighborhood and around the U.S. that need support. Some examples of what they do are: They act to support vital tax relief for teachers and parents and they have elected officials that speak up for those in need of support and help.

Rights and Responsibilities

This message is about caring for others and making sure everyone has food, clothing, shelter and health.

Saint Peter's Healthcare System supports this teaching by giving support and helping those that are sick. For example, they have a group caring for Alzheimer and cancer.

Option for the Poor and Vulnerable

We have to care for each other no matter what place in society we take. We have to be there for the support of the poor and lonely.

This website provides help and shelter for those in need. They also provide education for the poor children.

The Dignity of Work and The Rights of Workers

This explains that workers have to have rights of their own. They need to live in safe conditions and get paid a fair amount.

NESRI supports people who work and they make sure everyone gets paid their amount and are safe in terms of working conditions. They work with mainly work with human rights.


This means that we are all one family around the world. We should support each other no matter what we are like or what race we are.

HeForShe supports gender equality in all parts of the world. This group works with all women and men.

Care for God's Creation

We have to constantly care for our planet and each other.

This website supports people, animals, and our environment everywhere. It cares for all of God's creation/