Module 9 Edu Tech 210

What is mLearning?

mLearning is mobile learning, where people can use apps to learn away from, or in a class setting. There's several different apps that can be used to learn in different kinds of ways. There are 4 different kinds of mLearning, LS, LI, HS, HI. The H stands for High, and the L stands for low, and both stand for the transactional distance while using an app. The S stands for socialized, and the I stands for individual. So we can put different mLearning tools into their categories accordingly.

Here are some examples of mLearning applications:

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is an example of a LI mLearning tool, because it will most likely be used in the classroom during a lecture, and allows individuals respond to a question. This app allows the teacher, or whoever, to ask a question, and then everyone with the app connected to the teacher can answer the question. The teacher then gets the results, and is able to display them onto a device like a smartboard.


LightSail is an interactive tool which allows students to read eBooks, and also allows teachers to monitor their progress throughout the book or leave notes for the student. It is a HS app because it is mostly an independent app in which the student can interact with the teacher or other students at home.


iMovie is an HI tool because it allows students to create videos at home, or wherever, to present in class. Students can create interview videos, commercials, or anything else they can come up with to creatively respond in class.

Explain Everything

This is another HI tool because it is basically an app where the student works individually, and presents to the class. This app has tools to allow students to make presentations while utilizing many forms of media such as videos, pictures, audio, and other tools that the app offers.


This app is considered an LS tool because it allows the student to find constellations in the sky. So, students studying astronomy could use this tool together in a class to figure out constellations in the sky.

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