Tornadoes are one of the most severe storm in the US today

This is a tornado that is traveling across the felids

What is a Tornado?

A Tornado is a common severe storm that kills on average, 60 people per year. Tornadoes destroy houses and throw cars across fields.

How does a Tornado form?

A Tornado forms when warm air and cold air at 2 different altitudes blow at two different speeds most likely 73-112 mph creating a funnel cloud to form a tornado. Also hail and rain in a thunderstorm can cause a funnel to touch down making a tornado.

Historical Events of a Tornado

One decade ago: In 1999 the biggest tornado in Salt lake City Utah occurred and 1 died 99 people hurt and 375 homes damaged, $3.2 million dollars in damages.

75 years ago: In 1925 the Tri-State tornado, the deadliest tornado in U.S history,strikes Missouri,Illinois, and Indiana, killing nearly 700 people , 2000 people were injured the cost in damage is $18 Million.

How to Stay Safe from Tornadoes

  • Listen to weather radios to listen for Tornado watches and warnings
  • There are certain positions ( put your hands over head and crouch on the floor) to go in when you don't have a basement to keep you safe
  • Go to underground shelters,safe rooms, and your basement because a tornado cant go underground and you will be safe
  • Tornado drills
  • Go to a windowless room so glass doesn't fall on you
This is Tornado Ally, it were most tornadoes occur in the US


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