Jay Gatsby was killed this morning in a luxurious mansion in West Egg. This millionaire, organizer of numerous and extravagant parties, was known for his book when talking about his private life. Now that this terrible event has occurred, we delve into the mystery that is the life of the new rich. The man who pulled the trigger was also found dead in Mr. Gatsby’s property, after shooting himself. Why would anyone kill Jay Gatsby? Who were the people who shared in his last moments of life? Mr. Gatsby's life ended this morning, but we will not forget this wonderful man.

We know who share the last moments of life with Mr. Gatsby. In recent weeks, Jay Gatsby was seen repeatedly with his new neighbor, Nick Carraway. "I went to some of his parties, he introduced me to some friends and I introduced him to others, but that's all. I’ve only known him from a couple of months. If you want to know more about Gatsby, the right person is my dear cousin, Daisy Buchanan, " said Mr. Carraway when we went to ask him about his neighbor. We could not find the Mrs. Buchanan, but we found her husband, Tom Buchanan. "Gatsby was a good man and nobody expected this to happen. He invited my wife and me to one of his parties a few weeks ago, and only a couple of days ago we had a relaxing dinner at my house. I also knew the man who killed him, George Wilson. Poor man, what happened to his wife has terrible. I am sure it disturbed him ". After these strong statements of Mr. Buchanan, we discovered that the murderer of our millionaire had lost his wife in a car accident just one day before the murder! What does that have to do with Mr. Gatsby? Many mysteries surround this new rich man's death.

There are a few more people of interest with which we wanted to talk to. To find out more details, we turned to one of the witnesses to the accident, Michaelis. According to this witness and friend of Mr. Wilson, the wife of George was hit by a yellow car, which later fled. "It was a surprise, everything happened very fast and the car didn’t even stop. I spent the day trying to console George, but seemed determined to find a culprit. He thought someone had killed his wife purposely "After speaking with Mr. Michaelis, a new question is presented: had Mr. Gatsby a relationship with the wife of his murderer? Was this the reason for his death? If this is so, was it him who killed his supposed mistress? Apparently, the car that killed this woman was yellow, like Mr. Gatsby’s car. "He loved his car. I remember going with him to have lunch more than one occasion, mounted in this wonderful car", Nick Carraway said. When I tried to ask this Western man about a possible affair in Mr. Gatsby’s life, his topic changed completely. "I do not like talking about the private lives of my friends, much less if they just died", he finally said. It seems like people are resistant to talk about Mr. Gatsby's death.

If Jay Gatsby was already a mystery when he was alive, his death is not far behind. Nobody knows where this mysterious man came from, but now we all know where it finished: at the bottom of a pool. All the facts surrounding his death seem to generate more questions than answers, and the people who accompanied him in his last days of life are very secretive about it. It seems that we will never know for sure what crossed George Wilson’s mind to pull the trigger, but everyone can draw their own conclusions.


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