Helen Keller

By: Hailey Cole

Why Helen Keller is famous

Helen Keller is famous because of all the letters and things she wrote. Everyone thought she was a genius. She was also famous because she was the very first person to be struck by an illness her doctors could not name. The illness made her deaf and only be able to see darkness. She started in plays and movies about her life. She spoke against war and against child labor. She spoke for workers, unions, and for the right for women to vote and for justice for black Americans.

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Summary of picture book

"Helen's Big World, The Life of Helen Keller" is about when Helen was nine months old, she was struck with an illness that no one knew of, not even her doctors. The illness made her deaf and only be able to see darkness but she got used to it after a while. Helen used hand movements and objects to show what she wanted. At age seven, she was legally blind. After several operations on her eyes, she could finally see but her eyes were still very weak. Then, her parents got her a personal teacher to help her read and teach her table manners, her name was Annie Sullivan. Annie would trade a word on Helen's hands with her fingers. Helen didn't understand and just thought it was finger play. One day, Annie poured water on Helen's hand and wrote the word "water" on the other and then she finally understood. Annie also taught Helen how to "see" with her hands.

Primary source

Helen Kellers family, childhood, and early life

Helen Keller was born on June 27, 1880. Helen’s early life was pretty much normal until she was 1 and struck with an illness the doctors could not name. She could not attend school or meet anyone so she was stuck inside and being home schooled. While Helen was a child, her parents Arthur H. Keller and Kate A. Keller got her a personal tutor named Annie that taught her how to read and understand what people are saying. She learned by tracing words and symbols on the someone's hand, then the same person spelled a word on her hand. After many surgeries on her eyes afterwards, she was able to see. But her eyes were still very weak. She learned how to read Braille. Annie also taught Helen how to write letters by giving her a sheet of paper on a board that has cut out lines on it and showed her how to trace letters through the grooves in the board.

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Names of cite, state and country Helen Keller was born in

Helen Keller was born in Tuscumbia, Alabama in America

Explanation of the primary source

A primary source is something that connects someone. It is something that they did about themselves and not by someone else. Helen Keller wrote books and published them. She wrote "The World I Live In" in 1908, "Out Of The Dark" in 1913, "My Religion" in 1927. She also wrote "Helen Keller's Journal" in 1938, and "Teacher" 1955. These books relate to my person (Helen Keller) because she wrote them.

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Helen Kellers successes

Helen Keller successes were pretty much what she accomplished in her early life. She learned how to read Braille. She was able to see after many surgeries on her eyes but still couldn't read. She was able to go to college but everyone didn't think she would pass. In her later life she didn't really do much except she traveled around the world until she died. She never had a real job either since mostly what she did was speak (she didn't speak so she did sign language and someone translated it) in front of crowds. The only things that she did was I guess you could say she was a journalist and an educator. She did do a movie about her life when she was in her mid life. After Annie died, Helen became depressed and stopped her traveling and would do anything. She got over it though and started her traveling back up and died while she was in Easton, Connecticut.

Additional  facts

  • Helen Keller loved hot dogs.
  • She visited 39 countries around the world in her lifetime.
  • Helen Keller was the first deaf and blind person to earn a college degree.
  • She wrote 8 letters to different presidents and relieved ones back from all of them.
  • She won an Oscar for for a document she wrote about her life, "Helen Keller in Her Story."

Quote from Helen Keller

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with your heart." ~Helen Keller

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