scipop & sea creatures

This is a video from an event that happens in my hometown of San Pedro, California -- small fish called grunion, that come out of the ocean to spawn on the beach. Playing in the tidepools and being exposed to seeing the ocean wilderness up close way after my bedtime as a little girl were all parts of the scientific popular culture that were part of my childhood experiences, and became part of me. We never studied this sort of topic in my science classes -- that was reserved for "real" science, like rolling steel balls down inclined planes. So I grew up thinking of science in two ways -- science out in the wild, which I loved, and science that came in textbooks with exercises that were all planned out for you to simply redo and verify. That we had "grunion runs" and "whale watches" were due not to scientists starting these programs, but to a local lifeguard who had a passion for sharing knowledge about the ocean. His name was John Olguin, and his efforts led to what is now the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium.