Tackk: #Whataboutme#kettner


The first question I choose to answer "How do you really feel about your job?" because I don't have a usual kind of job, I work on Mt.Spokane as a ski instructor, every weekend.... Its alot of work to take a never ever (a new skier) and teach them all the ropes it just one day a week for 6 weeks, but that wasn't the question. How I feel about my job well... I really like it; I have so many friends up on the mountain that I love seeing every week, more than anything. The kid are so fun, and it's great to see there happy spirits and complete imagination.  

The next question I choose to answer was "What makes you the happiest?" and the answer to that is my dog, I actually have two so my dog(s), I have one tiny yorkie, she is 6 years old, really skinny, gold and black, and very cute, her name is midge. Then we have Minnie.... She is a fat, scruffy, Chorkie (a Chorkie is a Yorkie, Chihuahua mix). She is the absolute fattest dog I have ever owned. My family always says she obese. But never the less she is happy and playful and everything you would want in a dog. Honestly dogs can never hate you so when you need somebody there always there for you.

Then next question I choose to answer was "What do you believe in?" and one of the things I truly believe in is... The Seahawks no matter how much they lose, or how many times the choke in a super bowl, I still love them and I still believe in them. I, well we all live in Seahawk territory so how could you possibly not; they as well as we were raised here in Washington. There stadium is less than 6 hours away from us. The Seahawks have a drive and always have like no other team has, every team wins and losses, but the team that never gives up is the team I'll root for, the team that's going to overall and the team to beat.

The fourth question I choose to answer is "What do you hate most about the holidays?" and don't get me wrong I like holidays but the tacky add on's by company's gets really annoying, how they utilize and abuse the holidays to try and sell more product's. It's not what they were made for no matter what anybody says about it.

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