The Legal Politics of the Virtual World

I have given much thought to the motivational theories I’ve read about in the past few weeks. For the purposes of this blog entry I’ve chosen to explore the virtual world of Freedomain Radio. This is a liberty orientated podcast I listen to on a frequent basis but the website is great community to explore as well with a chat any many forums for community members to explore. I’ve made many good friends on Freedomain Radio. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting the creator Stefan Molyneux and have called into the show to get feedback on some personal issues I’ve dealt with.

There was an incident late last year where Stefan and his assistant Mike had a lawsuit filed against them. The person cited abuse of DMCA (The Digital Millennium Copyright Act) on behalf of Freedomain Radio, as well as defamation. Basically the gist of what happened was this former member had a Youtube site called, “Tru Shibes” and she “doxing” callers of the show. In essence sharing their personal information etc. So Stefan had her Youtube site shut down. I felt there were laws enforced to protect the privacy of the callers. The creators of this virtual world definitely did all they could to protect the privacy of their users. However on the other hand I do sense whenever users in the community express a different opinion of belief in this community there tends to be retaliation from the leaders so to speak. I don’t appreciate that aspect of it.

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