Life of Pig

Mitch Moore

A life Cycle of a market pig.


Placing a number of sows in a pen with one or more boars. Sows in enclosed shelters come into heat. This the period when the sow can be bred. The heat only lasts a short time, so it is critical that the sow is bred at this time.


Typically farrow from eight to twelve piglets, which as a group are called a litter. The sow in a temperature-controlled environment and usually in a farrowing pen or crate which restricts her movement to protect her baby pigs. An average sow will raise three to five litters of pigs in her lifetime. Most operations wean pigs at two to three weeks.

Nursery Pigs

Kept in a temperature-controlled environment. After weaning, the temperature in the nursery may be as much as 85 degrees, then dropped gradually to about 70 degrees as the pigs grow. Pigs are normally removed from the nursery at about 6 to 10 weeks of age


This phase is where pigs are fed as much as they wish to eat until they reach market weight of 250 to 275 pounds. Marketing normally occurs at five to six months of age.

Market pigs

Once pig has met the requirements to be on the market for sale, they are sent to industry's for distribution.  

Each cycle, the pigs have a certain amount and mixture of feed they are to consume for best results.

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