Why the world needs good people

The world is mostly of good people, but it needs more people that can do the right thing  instead of wrong. I think having good people would bring peace to this world. There are bad people out there but we stand up to them to make them stop.

People in the world make the world full of trash and pollute the air. If we can change that we will make the world clean. If we do that we can do that we can make a change in the world. So I ask you to please help with cleaning up trash and throwing your trash away.

Have you've ever been bullied by other people in school and you wanted them to stop well you stand up to those,bad people to make them stop. People stand up to those bad people to make a peaceful world. So if you ever see someone being bullied or horassed or etc help them out so they won't be bothered by them.

There is a lot of bad things going on in the world like bullying, abuse, etc.. If people can help stop all the bad things going on in the world we can make the work safer from all what's happening I think we can change.the world can change if we can make a difference, just like the armed forces in war they are putting their life's to protect us from all the bad things happening, they're doing their part, now it's are turn.

The world can change if we start making changes.

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