Hush Hush
by. becca fitzpatrick
project created by.
Alyssa Martinez

Do u love forbidden love stories ?

Forbidden love? sounds cliché for a teenage story , but no you have got it all wrong read Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick , a thrilling romantic tale about good vs evil , and about a forbidden love that could never be ,the two main characters Patch and Nora one a mortal and the other an fallen angel are NOT supposed to fall in love . because of them falling for each other they set everything out of balance , there mission through out the story is to keep there love a secret

or else someone will have to die ...

will they stay together ?  or will this be another Romeo and Juliet tale and will someone die ? I guess you'll have to just find out .  

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3 years ago

I would recommend this book to all ages as long as you love thrilling mysteries that keep you guessing