My name is Mackenzie Styles. Im 25 years old. Just about a week ago my husband Harry  left Me and our daughter Darcy to go help fight in the war.  We live in Ohio on the river. The year is 1862. We re on the union side. So we are against slavery.

Day 1

   I couldn't sleep. I was just to nervous. I haven't slept much since my husband left for the war. I'm just to worried about him. If something happens to him it would leave me left to care for our daughter. I think she would be devastated if something every happened to her daddy. She always was a daddy's girl.

   Now it is 5:00 in the morning. I decided to get up out of bed and start making breakfast for me and Darcy. Darcy is an active 2 year old it wouldn't surprise me if she was already up. As I put the food on the table I heard her little footsteps run through the house and to the kitchen where I was standing. She asked me where Daddy was. I was shocked that this question came up so fast I didn't know how to tell her. I went with that Daddy has gone away for a while , but don't worry he will be back. She simply replied with ok mommy and went on talking about something i couldn't understand. I listened and nodded pretending to know what she was talking about.

After lunch I took Darcy on a walk to try in get my mind off of Harry being gone, I went on a walk then we lied in the field on a blanket singing songs together. We played tag. of course I let her win. After we were done playing and singing it was dark so we went home. I got her washed up for bed and then put her to sleep.

Day 2

I woke up and decided to check the mail. I wrote a letter to my husband yesterday and wanted to see if he had wrote back. The mail hadn't come yet. I was left wondering if he even got my letter. Then I walked back into the house. I heard my daughter walk into the room asking about breakfast. I said that it wasn't ready yet so go play. She went outside to play. I started cooking up the eggs and bacon. As I was about to flip the eggs I looked out the window to check on Darcy and I didn't see her anywhere. So I turned off the stove and walked outside to check on her. She was sitting in the meadow singing a song that her daddy taught her. so I told her it was time for breakfast she turned around and skipped inside. We ate and it was now around noon. So I decided to check the mail again. The first thing I saw was a letter I opened it up quickly. It was from Harry. I quickly read every single word. I let them sink in and I was happy. He was talking about how they won the battle of Fair Oaks. I was so happy for them It means that this war is closer to being over. Then I noticed under the letter was a newspaper article about the battle of Fair Oaks.

Day 3

The day started out differently today I actually felt happy. So Darcy was talking about grandma so I took her over to her house. So I had nothing to do. I started baking food to send out to help the men fighting in the war. I also decided to sew some clothes and socks. It took hours but it kept me busy. I was just happy to be helping.I finally got done baking. It will took more time to finish the socks and blankets I'm making. I went to pick up Darcy from her grandmas. I got to her everything they did over there. She must have had a blast. She was telling me how she made cookies and colored pictures.  When we were there her grandma Anne gave me clothes for Darcy cause she noticed she had been growing. I noticed that to. I never actually had the time to make her some close.

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The picture of the little girl is supposed to be under day 2