My 7th Grade Year

By: Elisa Costa

My seventh grade year was full of ups and downs. I had great grades and the best teachers and friends I could ask for. This year went by so fast and I absolutely loved it!

Top 10 Moments

1. Camp

Camp was by far the best part of seventh grade. Every year, Mrs. Burton takes the seventh grade to Camp Mowana. For a week, we do activities and have a bunch of fun. My counselor for camp was Gina Cifani. She was lots of fun and so were her jokes. My cabin included ten different people. Each night about six of us will fall asleep and the other four will be awake until 12:30-1. Most nights it was Gia, Elyse, Taylor and me. We would laugh hysterically at the "topics" of that night. The funniest one was embarrassing moments. At camp, we had many activities including camo games, arts and crafts, nature hike, ultimate frisbee, and outdoor cooking. On Thursday we had the best activities planned and we had the dance. First we went to camo games, then outdoor cooking. It was so much fun! Then at the dance the song below played and it has been stuck in my head since.

This is my cabin, Osceola, on a tree house getting ready for skit night.

2. My Birthday

For my birthday, my mom and my dad took my brother and I to New York City where my aunt lives. When we got there, we checked into our hotel and then when we were in the lobby waited for my aunt and uncle to get there, my best friends came out of no where and surprised us! Our friends moved a couple years ago from Ohio to Boston. We had not seen them since the summer and we had no clue they were coming!!

3. My Grades

Last year, my dad promised me that if I got a 4.0 GPA, he would get me an iPhone 5. I have been waiting for a phone since fifth grade so this meant a lot. This year I have gotten the best grades in my entire academic career. Though I did not get a 4.0, I got straight A's for two quarters and then got a B+ third quarter.

4. Track

This year I decided to join the track team with a bunch of my close friends. My events were the 1600m (mile), and the 800m. My best times were 7:00 minutes and 3:16 minutes. The track season was not very long, but some of us were glad it was over.

5. Being a Lawyer for the first time

  1. For the novel And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie, we had to swear to not read ahead to see the killer's identity. Then someone accused Grace of reading ahead so we had a trial. Dana, Savannah, Taylor and I were the defense attorneys. It was really fun even though we lost the case. Here is a link to our evidence.

6. Radio Dramas

Towards the beginning of the year, we had a unit on fear. We learned about War of the Worlds and we had a blast throughout it all. For one of our projects, Mr. Kowalski had us to radio dramas. Mine included Dana, Savannah, Taylor, and me. Our radio drama was about a girl who was forced into a haunted house by her sisters and was in there with a mysterious man. It was fun to film and I would definitely do it again!

7. Uglies Face

For Mr. Kowalski's class, we had to read a novel called Uglies by Scott Westerfeld. It is about a girl named Tally, who fights against society. I loved the novel and for our assessment, we had to create a double sided face. Here are some examples.

These are some of the faces from blocks B and C, HELA classes.

8. LW pool

My development's initials are L.W., and every year on Memorial Day weekend, the neighborhood pool opens. This is great because what my friends from the neighborhood do, is we get off the bus on the last day of school, put our bathing suits on and then go swimming! The pool is somewhat heated, but on a hot day it does not really matter. I get so excited for this time of year because I can't wait to go swimming!

9. Snow Days

Since I am moving, I will definitely miss snow days. I loved the joy of waking and thinking, "Wait, isn't today Tuesday?". Then all the rush would come to me and I would just know it was a snow day. The only problem with snow days was the blizzard bags. Especially if there was a lot of work to be completed. I felt that blizzard bags ruined to effect on children of what a snow day should be like. Overall, I loved snow days.

10. Los Angeles

In January, my parents told me that we were going to move to Irvine, California. I was so excited because when I had gone to Los Angeles a couple years before, I had loved and know I was going to live there!

HELA Moment

My favorite HELA moment was towards the beginning of the year in August. It was when the class was discussing the novel Wonder by Raquel J. Palacio. It is about a boy who is constantly being judged by the people of the world. For our Wonder assessment, we had to write a short essay on one of the passages in the book. I chose a passage about Halloween. I got a 49/50 (98%). I was so proud of myself especially since it was one of the first grades of the year. It was a good first impression to leave in my opinion.

Core Moment

My favorite core class moment was definitely in Social Studies. I loved my teacher because he was hilarious and made Social Studies fun. The reason I loved it so much was because of when I got 100% on a huge test in that class! I was so proud and it brought my grade to at 96%! That was my favorite class and core moment!


This is my precept for upcoming seventh graders:

Never Fear Asking Questions

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I like the ninth most memorable moment.😄

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Love your camp group picture

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I really enjoyed being in class with you this year! Have a great summer!

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See my email. That link to the court case evidence was superb. You should have won (don't tell anyone)!😜