My life as a colonel

This is my journal of my experiences as a soldier in the Civil War

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My name is Colonel Thomas John Lucas. I was born and raised in Illinois. I live in a house and before I joined the army, I was a college professor. I was not too happy about leaving home because I have a wife and 2 kids. I am fighting on the Union side because I am not a believer in slavery and I want to help free the slaves. My rank in the army is as I mentioned before, a colonel. My family includes my wife, Anna E. Munson Lucas, and my two kids, John and Elizabeth.

Lucas: Those darn graybacks! They make me fit to be tied!

Scott: Yes Sir! I agree. But first, let's grab a root

Lucas: Alright, I want some bark juice with that

Scott: When I go, I'll try to get information out of the fresh fish

Lucas: Good! First, you get them wallpapered, then, when they've had enough bark juice, you find out what you can

Scott: I will possum! Those Sunday Soldiers will fall for anything since they're new and don't have a lot of horse sense.

Dear Anna,

We have set up camp somewhere near Virginia. In the camps, there are certain tenets were people sleep. There is a tent for the commander, there is a tent for me(Colonel), there are tents for officers,and tents for the soldiers. The soldiers have to share tents. But winter is coming and the soldiers are starting to build their huts. I'm going to start building mine soon. In the morning, we go to the breakfast tent and eat our share. The nursing areas are near the food tents. The general's tent is located a few meters away from the food tent. In the morning, we normally line the soldiers up and put them through marching drills. After, we have them practice gun firing. At night, we eat and sit by the campfire and then get to sleep. When soldiers break rules, they are given punishments such as wearing the barrel. The soldiers that broke the rule are forced to put on a barrel as a shirt and walk around with it. That was probably the most humiliating punishment. How is the life at home? How are the  kids doing? How are you doing? Keep me updated on everything please. I'll keep you updated on everything here.

Sincerely, Thomas

This photo was taken from google images.

Journal entry #4

Jeremiah, when you chose to leave home, what caused you to make that choice?

Jeremiah: I made the choice because I felt that I had a duty to fulfill. And if my brother was going to serve our country, then so was I

Jeremiah, looking back what is something in your life you are proud or happy about?

Jeremiah: I am proud that I made the decision to enlist in the army because I feel that it helped me to become more of a man. I also became fond of a few soldiers.

Jeremiah, what is one thing about your life you wish had been different?

Jeremiah: one thing that I wish had been different in my life is my father's passing. If he had not passed away, then he could have stayed with my mother and took care of her and maybe she wouldn't have died.

Journal entry #5

January 17, 1862

Dear, Johnny

We don't always have free time. When we do have time, I like to sit around with some of the officers or soldiers and gamble. I don't gamble a lot though. We also sing songs around camp fires and tell stories. I like to talk about the future with soldiers and officers. The food here is a lot different then it is at home.

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Journal entry #6


The South resisted and now they are the rebels

The Civil war was started and both sides fought long and hard

The South resisted and now they are the rebels

The South surrendered and then the war ended.

April 10,1864

My friend Joseph got a gunshot to the leg and the surgeons amputated it. My other friend Johnny got pneumonia and the doctors just rubbed burning alcohol on his chest and he put hot bricks on his feet and cut his wrists. Another one of my friends, Billy, he got dysentery and the doctors just gave him alcohol and blackberry juice.

April 9,1865

Dear Anna,

I feel ecstatic to inform you that I will be returning home after the terribly long war. I am beyond excited to finally see you and the kids. The war finally came to an end because General Robert E. Lee from the confederate side surrendered to the Union. I am very happy with the outcome of the war. This is a new age Anna.  A new age that doesn't have slaves. I see America as a new country. A new country that doesn't hold people against their will and force them to do their work. I am glad that the war is over. I think I have seen enough innocent lads get killed. Boys just the age of 16 signed up. I know people lied about their age. Many boys did. I can tell their real age by really looking closely at them. Of course, I never told anybody. Anna, I think that now the war is over, we can buy that house we always liked. We can focus on our kids more now that the war is over.



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