Bevin and Jana's Fill the Frame pictures.

Fill the Frame is a technique for taking close up pictures. Like its name, you are literally filling the frame with the close up picture.

The eye is filling the frame by the way that the only thing you can see is the animals eye. The eye is the only thing you can see.
Sometimes there are flower pictures in which there are many in one, but this picture only has one flower and its really up close.
This is a shell from the inside and as you can see there is nothing you can see other than the shell parts.
The only thing you can see is the peacock feathers.
This is another picture of a shell on the inside. It captures stuff you cannot see with the naked eyeball.
This is a picture of a seal. It fills the frame nicely with its cute face.
This is an up close and personal picture of someones baby. Fills the frame nicely.
This is a very zoomed in picture. it shows you the eagles face very closely. it makes it look really interesting and bizarre.
in this picture, there is an animals nose and it is the only thing you can see. the nose fills the frame nicely.
This is a close picture of a cats face. the only thing you see is this cat. the cat fills the frame nicely.
These are gears in some mechanical machine. it fills the frame with all of its glory. fills the frame attractively.
This is a really rad picture of an owl and it has yellow eyeballs. you can see everything very clearly because it fills the frame.

The last caption cut us off, she wanted to say the owl is beautiful.

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