Thank you MR.HEAD

Be the best teacher and the best coach

Mr. Head,

I just want to said that all your hard work has paid off.All your help for me was the right thing. Your very nice, cool, helpful to me. Thank you for helping me to get to high school. I'm very happy to be there. I'll see you next year, I might come visit you next year. Thank you!


 Ms. Dorsett,

I want to said that your ways to get to the high school was really helpful, I really like most of the ways that you had. I used and did some of the ways you gave me. I thank you for that. I hope that you have a great summer time with your kid or kids. Thank you for your hard work that paid off. Thank you!

Ms. Johnson,

Thank you for your help and work to get me to the high school. I hope you have a great time at your new school. I will miss. At the high school I'll use all the knowledge you gave me and I'll use it well. Thank you!

Ms. Emrick,

I like the ways you teach me. Your help was very helpful to me. I'll use your work well and make you happy. Your ways to learn are smart I liked those ways you did and most of the ways did help me. Thank you!

Mr. Reifsteck,

I had fun in your class, but most of the new that bad really got me mad, but i didn't let it out and turned my madness so I can have a great time with my friends. Which was great to talk to my friend and some girls. Thank you!

Ms. Loudermilk, I liked your class but with that guy that acts like he's 5 years old, but he didn't matter, Everyday on B-day I try not to say anything to him. I know that you can't take it either. I hope you have a great summer and time with your family. Thank you!

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