By: Ms. Hamerle


Bulldogs are one of a kind. They are enjoyable to have as a pet and are very loyal. In this Tackk you will learn how to take care of Bulldogs, their health concerns, and information for you to know in order to care for your furry friend.


There are thousands of breeds of dogs in the world. Each has its own special characteristics and history. One particular breed stands out among the rest and that is the Bulldog. The Bulldog breed has its own unique physical description, what you need to know before you decide you want them as a pet, their health concerns and the care they need.


You might think that you can identify a Bulldog from afar because they are very unique, and you are probably are right. Bulldogs are a medium sized dog and have wide arms which makes them very strong. Their teeth have an under bite and that also adds to their unique appearance. They also have a short coat that is only 1/2 inches long. This means that they will need brushed 3-4 times a week.

Having a Bulldog as a Pet

When you think you are ready to have a Bulldog make sure to think long and hard before making the commitment of owning a Bulldog. There are pros and cons to owning this special type of dog. The pros of having a Bulldog would be that they are loyal and kind. They will also protect you and be an "alarm" for your home. Bulldogs can also be a good company when no one else is around. The cons of having a Bulldog would be that they drool a lot and that can be messy. They also cost money to feed, vet bills, and other expenses. Another con would be that they take a lot of your time.

Care and Health Concerns

You might not realize that Bulldogs need special care. They can easily get heat strokes where they get too hot and start to pant really hard. Bulldogs also get what is called a "Cherry Eye" which means that their eyes become swollen. Good news, Bulldogs don't have a special diet so they won't need special dog food or treats but it is nice for them to have the same type of food on a regular basis.



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