Satisfaction is Mediocre at Best

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, never be satisfied until you fail.

Say what!

You read that right. Its about failure. Everyone can be successful when things go their way. A true test of success and character is when you are able to bounce back from a mistake, a mishap. It is about learning,  more importantly how do you fail so that only you notice?

Here is how.

1. Go hard every minute of everyday. Give everything you have on every idea and make sure you follow every idea through to execution or else scrap it quick.

2. When it dosent work out keep rolling. Your first idea is never the best, it has to be flushed out. The only way it gets flushed out is if you fail.

3. Learn from the failures. It is cliche I know, everyone says it but for real. A great mentor of mine, well multiple mentors of mine saying it is ok to make hustling errors. Nothing could be closer to the truth. With every failure comes a new road towards a succesful venture. Never underestimate the power of failing but never overestimate the cost of not learning from it.

4. Satisfaction is based on what you value. Not anyone else. The minute you become satisfied its time to try something new. Satisfaction breeds mediocrity.