Cultural Geography Game Questions

Created by: Matt Fiorante

  • 1-  What groups are involved, who had the power?
  • 2-   How the balance of power shifted and why?
  • 3-   How was cooperation and conflict shown in the game (violence/corruption/war)?
  • 4-   What role did the US have on the simulation?
  • 5-  What happens to a country when power shifts, is the effect positive or negative?
  • 6-  Apply this information to YOUR LIFE! What relationships do you have in your life, how are cooperation and conflict evident? Provide a minimum of 2 examples.

1. The groups that were involved were the United States, army and wealthy, government, peasants, and the guerillas. The group that had the most power in the beginning of the game was the army and wealthy because they over through the government which made the government corrupt and now there government is ran by the army and the wealthy.

2. The balance of power shifted because the united states wanted to create peace but in the end they took over every groups Military Strength Units and put the guerillas in prison and later killed them and made the army and wealthy decide weather they wanted to live and join the United States or die and they chose to live. The United States also took over the government and gave the peasants because their poor 100 dollars each so they would be left with at least something so the United States took power and also left things for other people.

3. During the game there was cooperation and conflicts. The cooperation's that were present in the game were once in the beginning everyone was sociable and was writing treaties and getting them selves votes for later on in the game and other people that were in the game voted for the government which made the United States give the peasants 100 dollars each. There was conflict in the game also, the conflict in the game was when the United States decided to take over everything and make a propassla to take over everything from every group. When the conflicts showed up I the game the groups all reacted over the situation and they were all thinking different things because the United States took different amounts of things from different groups which caused chaos between the game and gave different groups different opportunities to live, die, or go to prison and take thngs that they really wanted for ammusment.

4. The role that the United States had was the ruler of the game and which they decided to take over everything and they succeed to a limit until the government was voted in which made the United States pay the peasants at least 100 dollars each. The united states also had the power to every group so if they wanted to do something then there was nothing holding them back because no one had control over them. The United States role was that they were making treaties with other groups but then they decided to lie and take things from every group and leave a little something for the peasants.

5. When a country has a power shift it can be positive or negative. This could go both ways like the power that shifts that makes it a positive effect could be a group of people take over a bad group and the new group that took over make the peoples lives a lot better. A bad effect of power shifting could be a bad group taking over a good group and the new group causing havoc to the peoples lives or money issues could go down because a group that had taken over didn't know what they got into so they take everything and run, this positive and negative power shift could either be a bad thing or a good thing it depends on the matter of how the country is going. In the real world this situation could be close or accurate because power shifts that easily and anything could happen. When countries shift power it could be because of money shortage or food shortage or anything like that or there is a new dictator or president that is totally different from the original president or dictator.

6. Relationships that I have in my life are my family's  relationship and friends relationship. My family's relationship is different then friends relationship because when I am with my family I act different and more kind then when I am with my friends. When I am with my friends we joke around and talk about things that I wouldn't talk about around my family. My family's relationship is more closer then friends because you can have a friend one day and not the next but in family you cant just ignore or get rid of a family member like that. Cooperation in my family is like going to the mall one night and then we compromise and go the next night because we are to busy to go that night or what we eat for some nights could be comprisable because someone might not want that for dinner that night so there's compromises and then conflicts are not going to the mall when my sister and I want to go to the mall and my mom doesn't want to go that night and then there's a big argument throughout the house over what night that we are going to be able to go or if my sister cant get certain clothes that she wants and my mom tells her no and then they fight. The power shifts beyond the house like if we are playing a game and someone is winning and the others are loosing then the winner has the most power and also power shifts between my house on what we eat for dinner and what we do during the night and who gets to watch TV and what shows we all watch but I take the television every night so I can play my video games and when my mom says that she doesn't get to watch TV that's when there's a conflict.

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