How to Get Rid of Squirrels Out of your Garden

If you spend time dealing with squirrels or at least watching them run haywire in your garden, you'll agree that there’s more to them than their fluffy and cute facade. While attractive to the eyes, frolicking within the premises of your home can be catastrophic, especially to your beautiful garden. Regardless of their charming and chirpy attitude, within their tiny brains lurks destruction. It is true, every evil, including squirrels can be conquered. If you’re tired of watching these critters tear your home garden apart, here are 3 simple steps to get rid of squirrels from your garden.

Shoot them

Regardless of whether or not you think they’re cute, they are dangerous to your home and garden. Additionally, since squirrels are rodents, they can transmit diseases to humans. A safe method to rid your garden of squirrels is to shoot them at a distance. This is not a sport so do not feel guilty. You’re simply taking the necessary precautions to ensure that you, your family and your vegetables are safe.

Motion activated sprinklers

If you’re not up for shooting or killing squirrels, you could always chase them away. However, since you can’t always personally stand guard of your garden, get motion activated sprinklers to do the job for you. The natural tendency of squirrels is to flee upon seeing a human. If your sprinklers suddenly go on once a squirrels intrudes, they’re sure to make a run for it, especially when water is involved. Get a motion activated sprinkler and get a peace of mind!

Feed them with safflower

Squirrels are big fans of corn and peanuts. Instead of spoiling them with what they love, why not break the habit and give them what they hate? Safflowers are a squirrel’s worst enemy. If you want to repel them, set that up as bait and you’ll have them turned off in no time. They’ll have the snack of their life! While these are simple and effective, there are more practical ways to get rid of squirrels, especially if they're sneaking into your home.