El País Paraguay

By: Amir King

Basic Facts:The capitol of Paraguay is Asuncion. It is a country near the middle of Brazil, and it is a land locked country which means its surronded by different countries.Horacio Cartes is the President of Paraguay and Juan Afara is the Vice president of Paraguay. Their Currency is Paraguayan Guarani.Neighboring countries are Bolivia, and Argentina, the population is 6,623,252, Spanish, and Guarani are the official language of the country.

Map of Paraguay

Famous Places

Parque Nacional Cerro Corá: A National Park that has walking trails, rivers, waterfalls , a small Mirador. The park also has rare birds and other wildlife.

Panteón de los Héroes: Final resting places of famous warheros like Mariscal Francisco Solano López.

Estación Ferrocarril: A old railroad that is a museum, and sometime has concerts.

Local Expressions

  • “Anike re pyru yaguarete ruguaire” – don’t step on the tail of the tiger (be aware, be careful)
  • estoy kaigue – I am lazy, I don’t feel like doing anything
  • zarpado – amazing, extraordinary, big

Food and Drink

A chicken soup served with cornmeal dumplings Bori-bori

Chipa Guasú is a cake made with corn grains.

Climate and Geography

Paraguay's main climate is Sutropical

It is about the size of California.



Current Event-Level 4


The Paraguay government rejected a offer from the Argentinean government that was going to give Paraguay 11 billion dollars in US money for a dam that supplies power . A bi-national group was form last year to decide the value of debt Paraguay owed to Argentina but so far they have not had a agreement. The Paraguay government has rejected every offer the Argentinean gave them which still leave Paraguay in a debt of 18 billion US dollars.Argentinas plan for the dam is to  electricity production capacity of the dam. The the reason why Paraguay does not want to stop using the dam is because it supplies 12% of Paraguay's electricity

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