Life Budget Project

Kasey Geiger

About Me

I am single and have no children. I drive 22 miles to and from my job as an accountant.


I make a salary of $56,000 a year. I pay around $842 in taxes and my net monthly income is $3,990.

Established Expenses

Each month, I spend $15 on health and life insurance, $30 for medical and dental expenses, $50 for charitable giving, and I put about $1822.22 in savings.

Chance Cards

After receiving an outstanding performance review at work for my hard work and efforts, my boss gave me a raise of $2,000 a year, which is an extra $166 a month. But after bouncing a check because of math errors in my checkbook, I had to pay $25.

Personal Investments

I inherited stocks in 3 companies: 10 sharess of Apple Inc (AAPL), 30 shares of Coca-Cola Company (KO), and 25 shares of Facebook (FB). My investments have made me a total of $38,162.


I decided to buy my own house in Mankato, MN. The house costs $89,900 and I put a 10% down payment on it for $8990. I pay $224.75 per month for my house. My house has 3 bedrooms and 1 full bathroom. I have a large backyard and the inside is exactly what I need, but the outside siding of my house needs a touch-up.


Each month, I spend $100 for the electric bill, $60 for the phone bill, and $35 for the sewer and water bill for my house.


I own a blue 2014 Ford Focus SE Sedan. The price of my car was $16,400. I started my purchase with a 20% down payment of $3,280. I pay $295.57 per month for my car, including my insurance, registration, and tax costs.

I drive a total of about 45 miles to and from work per day, which is about 1,000 miles a month. My car is still under a year old and is fuel efficient, so I pay about $70 per month on gas and $20 on maintenance costs, which is a total of about $90 per month in variable transportation costs.

Home Improvement and Furniture

I decided to buy a dishwasher for my house because dishes are obviously my least favorite thing to do. I found a stainless steel dishwasher for $119.

I also decided to repaint the exterior siding on my house. I bought 3 gallons of exterior paint for $39.98 each for a total of $119.94.

My last investment toward my home was a 29" television from Walmart for $189.00. It's not as big as I'd like it, but because it's only me living in the house, it works perfect.

Total, I spent $427.94 on home improvement and furniture.

Food, Household, and Personal Hygiene

My weekly menu consists of:

Monday: Breakfast - cereal, apple, apple juice. Lunch - pizza rolls, milk. Dinner - mac and cheese, carrots, milk. Snack - popcorn.

Tuesday: Breakfast - yogurt, apple juice. Lunch - sandwich, apples, water. Dinner - frozen pizza, water. Snack - sun chips.

Wednesday: Breakfast - eggs, apple juice. Lunch - eat out. Dinner - hot dogs, milk. Snack - popcorn.

Thursday: Breakfast - cereal, toast, apple juice. Lunch - frozen pizza, milk. Dinner - spaghetti, water. Snack - sun chips.

Friday: Breakfast - toast, apple juice. Lunch - easy mac, water, carrots. Dinner - leftovers, milk. Snack - popcorn.

Saturday: Breakfast - waffles, eggs, apple juice. Lunch - pizza rolls, apples, milk. Dinner - eat out. Snack - skip.

Sunday: Breakfast: yogurt, waffles, apple juice. Lunch - sandwich, carrots, milk. Dinner - pizza rolls, carrots, milk. Snack - popcorn.

I eat out about twice per week, typically once for lunch and once for dinner. Eating out costs me about $24 a week, and my food menu costs me about $91.55 per week.

Total, I spend about $462.20 per month on food. :)

Clothing and Accessories

I bought two pairs of jeans for $69.90, a pair of shoes for $59.97, a pair of awesome earrings for $6.50, and I also found a deal at Victoria's Secret that got me 2 shirts for $30. Total, I spent $166.37 on my shopping trip.

Entertainment and Recreation

I decided to buy tickets to a Florida Georgia Line concert, which cost me about $40. I also decided to buy a punch pass for the pool, which cost me $22.50 and movie tickets to see Bad Grandpa for $6.25. I also took a friend to the walking sculpture tour in Mankato. My neighbors also had a potluck and bonfire one night and I decided to watch a Friday night football game for my hometown which cost me $6 to get in. Total, I spent about $74.75 on entertainment and recreation.

Cable and Dining Out

I decided to buy standard service cable for $56 a month and also I chose to buy Netflix for $7.99 per month. I also dine out once a week for $12, which adds up to about $55.20 per month, including tip money.