Science Fair


* Three new dry sponges

*Aluminum tin or pie tin

*measuring cup

*1/4 cup table salt

*1/4 cup water

*1/4 cup laundry bluing

*2 tablespoons ammonia

*mixing bowl

*metal spoon

*blue and green food coloring

Process to make Crystal Garden

1.Place the sponges in the pan.

2.Mix the salt,water,bluing,and ammonia in the bowl and stir well.

3.Pour the entire mixture onto the sponges.  Spread out the thick stuff over the top of the sponges evenly.

4.Take your food coloring and drip small drops over the sponge in random patterns.

5.Leave the pie tin out to sit for a couple days and observe the results.


In a couple of days the crystals will contrast together and form a garden.