Wired Wednesday - July 8, 2015

Join us at Discovery Middle School on Wednesday, July 8 as your eLEADS share ways to incorporate Creativity in your classroom! Bring your MacBooks, mobile device (if applicable) along with questions and ideas for incorporating more opportunities for students to show their learning in creative ways. July also marks the start of new device training so be sure to take a look if you are to receive a new device for 2015-2016!

ONLINE ONLY - Flipping 101
You might not be able to do cartwheels in your classroom, but it is possible to “Flip your Classroom.” During this 4 week online course we will research the multiple ways teachers can Flip the Classroom, design a flipped unit that fits your instruction, discover tools that keep students engaged while allowing creativity and providing accountability. We will address the challenges that you and your students may encounter throughout this entire process. Our collaborative environment will allow each of us to share ideas and strategies for Flipping Your Classroom.

Introduction to iPads in the Classroom
This basic class will assist teachers in setting up their iPads and thinking about how they can create a digitally rich 1:1 classroom. Teachers will learn how to download iPad apps, discuss which apps might be helpful to begin the year, and begin planning effective iPad management for daily use. We will explore native iPad tools to utilize the device fully and will engage in rich discussions regarding critical digital citizenship topics. K-2 teachers who enroll in this course will receive their teacher iPad at this time. Please come to this session with an AppleID already created.

Please Note: this session is for teachers wanting a very basic approach for setting up their iPads. You can also take the iPad Integration in Primary if you are wanting additional assistance with integrating iPads in your classroom.

iPad Integration in Primary
This class has been designed for the teacher who has prior experience using iPads with students in the classroom and are ready to find ways to really transform their teaching through the use of 1:1 devices. Teachers will look at a variety of apps that can be used to create using multiple forms of media (photos, video, drawing, audio, text) and to share with authentic audiences. Teachers will learn about blogging, video creation, and app smashing, among other innovative processes. K-2 teachers will receive their iPad device during this session if they have not already received one. Please come to this session with an AppleID already created.

Please Note: this session is for teachers with a solid understanding of how to use an iPad. You will receive your 2015-2016 device at this time. If you take this session, you do not have to take the Intro to iPads session above.

iPad Setup Basics for Grades 3-5
This iPad session is for teachers Grades 3-5 and Specials K-5 who would like to receive their District iPad early, set it up, and be prepared for PLTW in the fall. Please come to this session with an AppleID already created. Those who do not attend a setup Wired Wednesday training will be able to pick up their teacher device during pre-service in their building.

2015-2016 MacBook Air Laptop Training - Teachers Grades K-12
Welcome to LPS! Certified teachers new to Liberty Public Schools or those still needing to pick up a MacBook Air can attend this session. You will receive and setup your new device. Agenda (right side of the screen)

Thinking Outside the Box
This Wired Wednesday Session will take a subject you're skilled in, comfortable with, and "have always done this way,” and turn that upside down. You will discover how to let go of the reigns, even in high-control classrooms, allowing students to be masters of their own fate. Sometimes students will fail, but they will always grow because you will be fostering creativity in your classroom.

Technology Student Choice Projects
This session is K-12, but geared towards Secondary levels/standards
Finding it difficult to integrate Common Core, student choice and technology into your project-based learning? Come learn how to create, organize and implement projects that fit Common Core objectives and the curriculum while also meeting students’ individual strengths based on their learning styles. It is possible to give students choice in their learning while still meeting standards and utilizing some incredible resources and programs. We’ll share strategies, resources and examples of how to build a project from the standards to the final product.

iBook Creation and Use
Tired of the same old run down textbooks? Are your textbooks missing critical pages your students need? Does your textbook contain missing leading information like the well known fact that, “the German’s were the ones who bombed Pearl Harbor”? Have no fear. I have the solution to your problem. Why not make your own textbook? I know you are like that is crazy talk, but iBooks is the solution to your textbook woes. Come and learn the basics behind iBooks. Start creating your first official new classroom textbook that will withstand the test of time because you have the ability to update it year after year. Say goodbye to the textbook blues.

Virtual Makerspace and App Analyzation/Tutorials for Students
A makerspace is a physical location where people gather to share resources and knowledge, work on projects, network, and build. How can we break down the need for time and space, but keep the creative process flowing? As the Maker Movement evolves Virtual Maker Spaces could be the answer!! Maker spaces are environments of self-directed learning.Come learn how to bring the Maker Mindset into your classroom and help students gain the confidence to take ownership in their learning. Save time by delegating creation tool exploration to your students!