Managing Your finances

Tips for saving and making money.

Tips for increasing income

1. If you would like to earn money online, find a business or online job and see how much of an income you would like to earn (eg. Starting an online business.)

2. Once you have made the decision on the type of job to pursue. Use the Internet because is a great resource for information. You can find the best job that fits you.

3. You can get extra money from center link by getting a youth allowance and get around $200 a fortnight or rent assistance.

4. Stay with the job that you choose and save your money to increase you financial growth.

5. Get a part time job. There are many jobs that you can find (eg. Mac Donald's of KFC.)

Tips For Saving Money

1. Buy text books from used bookstores.

2. Seek alternate transport or car pool.

3. Choose the right foods to eat as they are better for you and is much cheaper.

4. Set up a saving account keeping track of your money is very important.

5. Keeping receipts can save you money at tax time.

6. Find another part time job that fits you.

7. Get the right phone plan that fits you for the right price.

8. Get a room mate if your not living in dorms.

9. Look for Scholarships getting a Scholarship can save you a lot of money in school fees.

10. Look for credit or debit cards for low income earners to save you money.

Where To Buy Essentials For The Best Price Such As :

Bread, Groceries, Toiletries, Meat and Clothing in Australia are:

Aldi, Costco, Big W, Safeway, Coles, Target, Woolworths and the Internet

The cheapest stores where you can buy these products are :

Bread- any competitive grocery store.

Groceries- Aldi Has the cheapest percentage of groceries in Australia.

Toiletries- Some of the cheapest places to buy toiletries are at the Pharmacy or online.

Meat- The bets place place to buy meat is at Woolworths, the butcher or the markets if you want quality.

Clothing- The Best place of clothing for value is Target, Big W or the second hand store.

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