Country Project

An picture of the Yamen flag.

Okay so you know the teachers that like to give you "fun" things to do? Well I have one of those "fun" teachers, and this is the project she assigned me. LETS GET GOING!!!!

The basic info

First of all I need to fond out what I call "basic info" such as: 1. the name of the country, 2. the flag of the country, 3. meaning of flag ,and 4. name of capital

With this country it is: 1. Yemen, 2. well you already see it at the top, 3. red: overcome through bloody times ,black: to represent oppression ,white: to be replaced with a white future (well that's nice), 4. Sana's

Now the middle info

Now for what I call "middle info", this bit of info contains: 1.The location ,2.Landforms 3.Special landmarks ,4. Important bodies of water, and 5.How does their geography/environment effect the citizen’s lives?

My answer: 1. Between Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Gulf of Alden, 2. Mostly sand though a mountain range on the west coast, 3. Historic Town of Zabid, Almakalla City, Alhajarah Fort, and Saber Mountain!!!!, 4. Gulf of Aden, Red Sea, and Rivers of Yemen, 5. I bet that their lives are HARD!!!! I mean if you actually look at an map of this place you'll see that they're in a desert, diseases thrive, and worst of all...NO WI-FI!!!! Our generation couldn't last a day out there!!!!

Just some more words...ARG!!!

Okay by now you're either intrigued or bored to death, so just know making this for a history project is not fun at all!!! But I have to do it.

Here's some music (linsey stirling ROCKS btw)

Now TO THE GOVERNMENT!!!!! Yemen's government is governed under the president, who is head of state, is elected by vote for a seven-year term. (weird  right? NAH!!!) The government is led by the prime minister, the type of government is parliamentary republic, their human rights used to be to the point of torture, unnecessary killings, and far worse. Though it has been getting better due to many MANY peace treaties for human rights. abuses still run rampant, especially in the areas of woman's rights, freedom of the press, torture and police brutality. (sheesh I would NOT like to live there!!!! Stil no WI-FI though)

Now to the- wait MORE WORDS!!! ARG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MORE WORDS!!! (I am sooooo sorry for the dyslexic people out there!!!) Let's get the economy over with. Yemen is a poor country, well dur, if they're having problems with this stuff then of course their poor!!! They use "Yemeni rail" as their currency, with an population of 24.41 million people living there!!! They use the language of Arabic as some others use as well. They trade with Arabica coffee, honey, fruits and vegetables. In 2007 the birthrate and death rate were estimated to be 42.7 per 1,000 and 8.1 per 1,000. The grown-up (yes I still use that word) literacy rate for Yemen in 2005 was 35 percent for females and 73 percent for males (give females a better education!!!!). The overall literacy rate for the population age 15 and older was 54 percent (-_- really? That's just sad)


YES!!! CULTURE!!! FINALLY!!! Okay you might be thinking "but it's just more words...OH NO MORE WORDS!!!!" And you're somewhat right, you're just forgetting that this is the creative stuff!!!

Traditional Yemen clothing

See? This is the fun part!!! The main religion is Islam. Some of the dishes seerved at an traditional Yemen dinner are  Dishes common in Yemen include: aseed, fahsa, fattah, fatoot, ful medames, hanith, hareesh, jachnun, kabsa, komroh, mandi, mutabbaq, Samak Mofa, shafut, shakshouka, thareed, and Zurbiyan. (0-0 that's a lot) One of the entertainments of the yemeni people was soccer, NATIONALLY SOCCER WAS THE BEST!!! In yemen at least.

These are some Yemeni holidays.

Music of Yemen is primarily known abroad for a series of pan-Arab popular stars. Well then lets hear some!!!


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This took a while so I hope you like it! School projects suck!!!