Phillipi Generals Release Statements

By Danny McNulty

Brutus' new bust, slightly damaged from delivery to his villa in Rome from Greece.

RESPECTIVE CAMPS, PHILLIPI    Today, the four generals (Antonius, Octavius, Cassius, and Brutus) were interviewed about the state of their ongoing conflict at Phillipi, The generals prophesied their upcoming victory in separate statements.  Antonius said "we are currently out numbered by these traitors, but our men have hope and courage and thus are infinitely stronger.  We will overrun the enemy at our next engagement."

 Octavius stated, at the same time, "we are prepared.  We will withstand any defense they put up and slaughter their men like the dogs they are".

This is a distinct change from Octavius' previous  statements, which focused on respect for enemies and proper treatment of captives. Cassius himself mentioned this in his statement. "No matter what Octavian or Antonius chooses to do, the Republic will prevail, and all will be treated with due respect and dignity," he said.

Critics have noticed that while Cassius promises proper treatment of the defeated, in the field, he executes them indiscriminately. Brutus echoed Cassius' high minded statements. "We, as the leaders of the Republic, wish only to stop those that oppose us; not with vengeance in mind, nor punishment in heart, but simply the need to protect ourselves". Brutus' ideals have yet to be tested, for in his two most recent battles, he was not victorious.

Support for the war is evenly divided among Romans and all residents are eager to hear how the war ends.

Cassius and Brutus' forces are placed to the North-East; Antonius and Octavius' to the south west. IMAGE CREDIT - SPACE



Soothsayer Needed~~~~

Soothsayer wanted for Julius Gaius.  Inexperienced need not apply. Must be comfortable working in enclosed spaces for extended periods of time.  Report to:  118 Tarturus Lane.

House for Sale~~~~

Large house for sale.  Good location, Forum-adjacent, 30 bedrooms, no baths, 14 stories. Comes with trained staff.  Smells pleasant to many insects. May or may not contain dead bodies.


Jewelry for Sale~~~~

Large piece of jewelry for sale.  May contain precious metals.  Magical to some extent. Enchanted by god (may or may not be blessed!).   Acquirable in small flaming hole at 76 Well Road.

Boat Ride Down Nile~~~~

Boat rides down the entire Nile! Scenic locations, hidden treasure, and forbidden secrets may be obtained!  See the source of the great river! Meet friendly natives!  Return trips not available.  See Julia Treverorum for more details.

Assassins Needed~~~~

Assassins need for assassination. No further details available (you know what to do).



Many mercenaries are invited to a competition!  Death not guaranteed! Prizes may exist! Fear of lions necessary!  Go to Coliseum at 13 Flavium Road

Mercenary equipment for sale~~~~

Lightly used armor and weapons available, cheap!  Many items include large scratch marks -- available for half off! Find an item impaled into another?  Two for the price of one!  Items available at Coliseum at 13 Flavium Road

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