Heart & Sing Me A Song

1.) How did you make the theme your own?

Heart- When I thing of a heart I thought of something silhouetted on an either white or black background. So I did white and for the boarder I used different sized rocks.

Sing Me A Song- I picked the song Try by Colbie Caillat. The whole point of the song is that girls don't have to wear makeup to be beautiful. So I used Haleigh as my model and on half of her face we put a lot of makeup and curled her hair and on the other side we didn't put any makeup on and did nothing to her hair.

2.) What do you like about your photo?

Heart- I liked how the edges are dark and it gets lighting in the middle were the heart its-self is.

Sing Me A Song- I like how it matches the meaning of the song.

3.) What would you change?

Heart- Nothing I really like this.

Sing Me A Song- I would change of big her eye is on the right it seems very small.

4.) What actions did you run and what did you do with these actions?

Heart- Adrenaline, I also used Sharped.

Sing Me A Song- Nelly Nero Blush and Sharped and Bring on the eyes. I used Bring On The Eyes on the eyes but also on the teeth.

5.) What photo from last week did you think was the best and WHY?

Cracked- Allison Martinek, I like how the light reflects off the mirror and on to the wall.

Morning- Danielle Ahern, I like how it represents morning because the snow only sticks to the trees like in her picture in the morning.