Hiroshima, the Devastation to Japan

By Henry Cregar

Theme: Immediate destruction Of an Atomic Bomb

I chose this video because it shows the direct impact of an atomic bomb .

This graph shows the amount of destruction from distances from the canter of the explosion.


destruction is everywhere

no hope can be seen

people who now don’t have a home

are walking round the streets

why was it so destructive?

people hardly know

they barely know what hit them

their hopes are very low

for the brave and strong survivors

the future is unknown

all they really can do

is walk around and roam

we now have learned how devastating

an atomic bomb can be

now we can learn from the past

and hopefully not repeat history

If I could assist the survivors in any way, I would have told them how to treat themselves and others for radiation sickness. They way to do so is the removal of clothing and shoes which significantly reduces the external  contamination. Then, washing the body with soap and water gently also reduces the radiation.

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2 years ago

I love both of your videos. How the first one does show the true effects of the atomic bomb and the other shows people being kind to one another. It does bring out your theme very well. I also really like your poem. GOOD JOB!

2 years ago

I really like your video. It works well with your theme

2 years ago

Good job, I like the poem, especially the last line. Great job!