The Absolutely true Diary of a Part-Time Indian
Allie Mariotti

March 24, 2015
Memory Moment

He explained at the beginning that when he was little he had "water on the brain",which actually meant that he was born with too much cerebral fluid in his skull. He remembers growing up how he got teased by everybody on the rez and still does. He had 10 more teeth than a normal human, has a speech impediment, and used to seizures at lest twice a week. He consonantly got beat up by the other kids on the rez and was always bullied. That is why now he stays inside a lot, so the other kids can't hurt him, and draw cartoons which he likes a lot.

March 25,2015
Contrast and Contridictions

From reading about him going to his new school I can really tell why he is acting different there, because the people are different.Junior's teacher, Mr.P, told him that he best way for him to have a good live was to leave the reservation. He decided he wanted to go to a white school called Reardan 22 miles from his reservation. He was always very shy on the reservation and got beat up a lot and the way to resolve problems was to fight. From reading this it showed me that he might be in for more of a shock when he gets to Reardan. When he gets there, he got mad at a kid and punched him, what they would normally do on the reservation, and the guy didn't fight back and was  little mad. The next day the guy was nice to him and respected him. That outcome would have never happened on the reservation. Showing that where he is now is very different from where he came from.

Again and again
March 26,2015

One of my favorite parts of the book is his cartoon drawings throughout the book. He shows how he is really feeling and he said that that's one of the only was its easy for him to have other people understand what he feels.One of my favorite cartoons he made was of him comparing himself to the white kids at his school. He shows how he really feels that he is less than them and isn't pleased with who he is. When I first saw the pictures I noticed that they would normally make me laugh and I believe that having that makes the book a lot more realistic because its always something 14 year old would do. His pictures always seem to tie up the chapters and make the book more enjoyable and easier to connect with.

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