Tanning Beds: UV Radiation

By: Allie and Lucy

Health Risks

Tanning beds can make you have a pretty glow to your skin, but they are very harmful. They are a direct link to skin cancer and malignant melanoma. Effects of these UVA rays include premature aging and wrinkles, they destroy skin fibers, and damage elasticity.

Discovery History

Tanning beds were brought to America in 1979 by Friedrich Wolff. All "sunbeds" were only sold to salons with specific safety rules. Most modern tanning beds have not changed from the original system. Companies have added high pressure and low pressure choices.

How EM Waves Are Used

As skin cells are exposed to UV radiation, they produce brown pigment to protect themselves from further UV exposure. This results in darkening of the skin. The UV radiation in tanning beds has a short wavelength, a high frequency, and high energy.

About Tanning Beds

About UV Radiation

Overall, Tanning Beds aren't the best way to tan!

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