Stop following me wolf.

Dear Big Bad Wolf

Do you know how many bad things you have done and have been let away with? Well no longer. It’s either you fix my poor gran’s wardrobe and buy some new clothes,because she has no clothes, or I’ll call the call the wood man and you're likely to be worn as a coat in winter.My poor gran is properly so tanned she could be black. She could be scratched and hurt all because you stole her clothes and destroyed her wardrobe you big bad wolf of you. Now you've been chasing me for 6 years and what have you achieved NOTHING what is your goal anyway and if you finally complete your goal what next nothing so you're just going to sit around the rest of your life?

Firstly, if you fix my grans wardrobe you we may be able to be friends and work something out and we may be friends.

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