How do they look like?

There are many kinds of foxes

What do they eat?

Where they live?




Do you know what is a fox?

Do you know about them?

Do you know where do they live?

Do you know what they eat?

Do you know what they look like?                                                                                                              Well ,if you don't know or you want to learn more about it ,you are welcome to open this book ,if you open it , you will learn about this topic.

I like them and you?

I hope you to enjoy the book.


Have you ever seen a fox?

Do you know what all kinds of foxes have in common?

Do you know what a fox looks like?

I will answer the questions for you.          

What all kinds of foxes have in common is...

They  all have: big ears for listening better ,they are good smellers  ,they all can run fast , they are all mammals , and more.

  Foxes are how I just tell you , but they also have differences like the color , the size of their ears or the place where they live.

There are many kinds of foxes

Like I told you, there are many kinds of foxes.

There are more than you think but I will not say them all.

There are the: red fox,that one is the most you think about when you talk about foxes,the gray fox,well that fox is not actually gray is of the color of a gray wolf,the desert fox,that one have some special things below their feet for the hot sand not to get their feet very hot and more , but like I told you ,I will not say them all.

What do they eat?

Well they are omnivores.

They eat all the things they think they can eat when they are hungry.For example they eat smaller animals like mice,rabbits,or birds.

They also steel eggs,leftovers from other animals or hunters,fruits,and when they don't find any thing they hunt by themselves.

To hunt by themselves ,first,they smell ,then found the place were they smell,next they jump ,forth they get under the snow and last they eat.

Where they live

Well each type of fox live in a different  place like: the red fox live in the forest,the desert fox in the desert and all the different foxes in a different place ,but in all those places they live in holes.


Do you like the book?

What do you learn?

Well, what I wanted you to learn in this book was...

What all kinds of foxes do.

If you like foxes ,take care of them,hunters ,farmers and other animals kill them.


OMNIVORES:                                                                                                                                                                       They eat a lot of things like: meet fruits and leftovers

MAMMALS:                                                                                                                                                                       Animals that drink milk from their moms

HOLES:                                                                                                                                                                            An open place in the ground, a wall or something else.

DIFFERENCES:                                                                                                                                                                   Something that is not the same than other thing.

SMELLERS:                                                                                                                                                                       When an animal have a great sense of smell.                                                                       

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