The Chinese Dynasty

Sui Dynasty

Wendi was the ruler for this short dynasty from 581-618. Luoyang was the capitol of the Sui Dynasty. A major achievement was the completion of the Grand Canal. Wendi used many dynasties as models and they had a centralized government.

Sui's symbol

Song Dynasty

The two rulers were Zhao Kuangyin and Emperor Taizu of the Song Dynasty. The North was from 960-1279 and the South, 1127-1279. Their capitol was at Kaifeng and they had a Bureaucracy. One cultural thing was their Civil Service Exams, and two major achievements were the Gunpowder and woodblock burning.

Tang Dynasty

A Sui general Taizong ruled this dynasty from 618-907. They had a very strong government and their capitol was Sui's, Luoyang. They expanded china and Chinese contact with Japan increased. Their schooling was built to prepare students for the civil service exam.

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