Mobile Learning Apps

For this module we had to find mobile learning apps that would work well in a k-12 classroom.

Mobl21 is an app that can help students to create flashcards and study aids.  It also gives access to resources and materials as well.  I think it would work great in a high school setting, because it puts students in control of how they want to learn

Talking Tom and Ben News Reporters I think would also be a great app in a social studies class to have students create a broadcast of current events.  The app is available through iTunes for free.  

Mindblowing is also an app that is available through iTunes for free.  It allows students to upload picture and information to create mind maps and other multimedia tools.

Socrative is a great mobile learning app because it allows the teacher to connect to the student through many different devices, and varies with instructional activities.  I think this would be a good app to use for Jr/Sr High School students.

Poll Everywhere is an app that allows people to participate and create polls.  This would be a great formative assessment tool for in-class activities or mobile learning.  It is available on iTunes for free.

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