Caroline Thompson

Photography Porfolio

Pretty day in Waco!

This was a pretty day sitting in the grass looking at the pretty sky.

Pretty Bush with Pretty Design!

This was taken outside in my backyard by our pool.

Rustic Tree!

This was also taken in my backyard and it is a beautiful tree with a cool texture.

Lonely Flower!

This lonely flower all by itself in a very gorgeous field.

Beautiful tree!

This picture was taken at the arboretum and had tons of amazing branches.

Pine Tree!

This photo was taken in Mississippi on my grandfathers timber land.

Cactus in the Rocks!

I like this photo because you can see how pointy and sharp the cactus really is.


This photo I like because it is in the rule of thirds and you can almost act like your touching the dafedill.

My Wonderful Model!

This picture I like because of the way her arm is and I also like the colors.

Emmas Real Personality!

This picture I like because it really describes Emma.

Very Unique Cross!

I like the prop in this photo because it is a cross and a clock all in one, also like the angle of the photo.

The Dancer!

This photo shows my friends favorite hobby to do and I like the shadow that it has

Best Friends!

I LOVE this door that we took this picture on and how it looks very old.

Just Sittin'

This photo I like because of all the color and the green!

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