Brighton beach memoirs

brighton beach memoirs was written by : neil simons

by : Brandy Santos

The Great Depression .

The great depression was the deepest and longest-lasting economic downturn.Began after the stock market crash,1929. Spending and investing dropped. Homeless people became more and more common in America towns and cities. Worldwide GDP went down 15% during this time. Personal income ,tax revenue, profits and prices went down.

Colleges in the 1930's

Colleges in 1930s were very different then now. In the Pennsylvania University Archives. The tuition for the college was 400$. The other expenses was room and board: $520 . Textbooks: $35 . Clothing and miscellaneous : $260. These were the general expenses.They're mascot is the Quaker .The founder of this establishment Fenjamin Franklin .Alot of differences were the clothing ; girls wore dresses,boys overalls. School books parents had to buy books; now school provides them . There was no transportation for them most childen walked; people provide buses , parents drive them. Classrooms were all grades in one room; now different grades different rooms. Sports were always the same . Back then drugs and alcohol wasnt a problem ;now children have access to both. School safety any disciplinary probelms handled by teachers; now schools have police officers and metal detecters.

       The costs in 1830s wass......    :   1930 a gallon of gas was 10 cents, In 1930 the average cost of new car was $640.00. The average wage was 12$ a week. In 1930 average new house cost $7,145.00. In 1930 the average income per year was $1,970.00. To them this was alot of money .



Stan's Apology Letter .

Dear Mr. Storheim ,

    I would like to apologize for my outrageous behavior , i shouldn't have acted like that towards you . You are the boss and I'm your employer , i should always respect you .I know that i almost lost my job. Please forgive me for my actions.

   You should let me work in the morning ,because I'm a good worker and I'm on time. I'm sorry for opening my big mouth and not agreeing with you on your decision.

Next time i wont have an argument with you , ill listen to you i promise sir.  Ill come in extra early , anything Sir i just really need this job ,

Sincerely ,

Stanley Jerrome .

           Mama Mia !!

Mama mia costs $49 to enter. Playing at the Broadhurst Theater  235 West 44th Street
New York. "ABBA's greatest hits are woven into a sunny tale set on a Greek island. On the eve of her wedding, a bride's quest to discover her father's identity brings three men from her mother's past back to the place they last visited 20 years ago." Says Broadway ABBA .

Personal Review

  My favorite part in the book was when Stanley left and told Eugene and he was like im adult now my childhood is over , He was so sad . It changed him mentally . i recommend it to my friends because its such a funny play and i would love to see it in person . To me this was an interesting book , it intrigued me to read more .  My favorite character was Eugene .

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