The Glass Castle



Forgiveness is the action or process of forgiving or being forgiven. Throughout this story Jeannette has been an extremely forgiving person to not only her father but to everyone else. Throughout all the problems she faces with her father and mother she accepted them through it all. An example is when Jeannette's father burned down the Christmas tree. Jeannette did not hold that against him forever, she forgave him and tried to be understanding. Her forgiveness is what allows her to be a successful person.


Neglect is the state or fact to fail to care for properly. Throughout the whole story Jeannette has been neglected by both of her parents. In he beginning of the story she said that she burned herself at 3 years old burning hot dogs. A 3 year old should not be allowed to use the stove but her parents didn't really care. Jeannette and her brother are also forced to steal food to survive. Also the mother refused to work which forced the children to just fend for themselves.


Introduction- First off, Jeannette finds her mother  homeless and digging through a dumpster. This shows how Jeannette can never really escape from her past which consisted of poverty and homelessness. It shoes how Jeannette is ashamed from her childhood and tries to hide it from her new life in New York. The introduction gives off a hint that Jeannette is now successful and got through her rough childhood.

Rising Action- The dream of Rex building The Glass Castle keeps the family driven. Jeannette has so much faith in her father and his blueprints of The Glass Castle. The dream stays a live in the family in hope that one day they'll have enough food and clothing and safe shelter.

Climax- Jeannette Brian, and Lori all move to New York City to start a new life for themselves and pursue their hopes.

Falling Action-  Jeannette lives in New York City and pursues her dreams of becoming a journalist. Jeannette became the first person in the whole family to graduate college.

Resolution- The children continue living in New York City. Jeannette got married and Brian started a family. Maureen moved to California. Rex and Mary move to New York City as well but their children can't bear them staying at home with them so they choose to become homeless and Rex dies from liver failure.


Jeannette is the main character and also the narrator. Jeannette is the only person in the family who believes in her father of him building a glass castle. This motivates her in believing that their lives are going to get better. Jeannette doesn't want to keep fighting and arguing with her parents about spending money on alcohol. She was always telling her mother and father to go out and find a job to help and support the family. She plays an important role in the story because she is the main character and this is her life. She has faith in her dad and her whole family.

Dad- Jeannette's father's name was Rex Walls. Rex was an alcoholic who used his wife and kids for his own needs, but still loved them and expected them to love him as well. Jeannette's father was a brilliant man but he had trouble finding his way in society. He behaved poorly a lot because he was an alcoholic. With the many problems he has throughout the story he truly cared for his kids especially Jeannette.

Mom- Also known as Rose Mary Walls was Jeannette's mother. She spent money she had on art supplies because she has a dream to become an artist. Even the she has a teaching degree she does not like teaching even though its a great way to bring home money for her family. Throughout the story she seemed to be lazy and she preferred being homeless than being financially stable.


The family drove to Nevada and were sure to find gold. The truck hits a bump and the doors fly open. Brian is almost pulled out of the truck while trying to shut the door. Another car alerts Rex and he shuts the door.

When the officer informs the parents that they must appear before the magistrate in the morning they leave the following night to go to Phoenix. Jeannette's grandmother dies so Mary inherited her house. The family moves into the house and actually attend school.

Lori and Jeannette move to New York City because they thought they'd love it there which they did. Rex and Mary then move to New york and soon become homeless when living with their kids become too much to bear.

Important quotes

"When Dad wasn’t telling us about all the amazing things he had already done, he was telling us about the wondrous things he was going to do. Like build the Glass Castle." Pg. 28. This gives context to the title as Jeannette goes on to explain that the Glass Castle was one of her father’s dreams. This was Rex's dream throughout the whole story and it was important because it was a huge dream of his that Jeannette had the most faith in when no one else did.

"Mom gave me a startled look. I’d broken one of our unspoken rules: We were always supposed to pretend our life was one long and incredibly fun adventure." Pg.84. This gives context to the expected mood of the story rather than the real mood which was broken and sad. Mary expects her kids to always be happy but that doesn't happen because they were always out of money and the kids were always hungry.

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