Various Kinds of Liquid Inspection Equipments

Liquids are important in our lives. For instance, we need to drink water and cars need to consume petrol. To utilize liquids better, we need some equipment to help – liquid X Ray inspection supplier. There are many kinds of liquid inspection equipment at present. The followings are some common examples.

Liquid Inspection Equipment for security

This kind of liquid inspection equipment is specialized for detecting flammable and combustible liquids. It utilizes tomography and measures the permittivity and conductivity to decide the flammable and combustible properties of the liquids to be tested. It can distinguish dangerous liquids like liquid explosives, petrol, acetone and alcohol from safe liquids like water, coke, milk and juice.

As for the principle, it adopts Quasistatic Electrical Tomography. This kind of technology is able to evaluate the spatial distribution of electronic media, so that no matter what the container’s material is, it can determine the properties of the liquids.

This kind of bag Scanner equipment is totally electronic without any potentially dangerous components like radioactive and microwave materials. So it is safe and reliable.

The operation of it is quite easy. We don’t need to do any adjustment and preparation. What we are supposed to do is holding the equipment and getting close to the surface of the container which contains the liquid we are going to detect. Remember to keep the equipment below the liquid. If the light turns red, the liquid is dangerous and flammable; if the light turns green, it indicates the liquid is safe and inflammable; if the light turns yellow, it indicates there is something wrong with our operation and we need to detect one more time.

Liquid Inspection Equipment for measuring the volume

This kind of equipment uses capacitor to detect the whether the liquid level is high, then it sends signals out to actuate the alerter to give an alarm. It is composed of sheet metal, capacitor, signal amplifier, acoustical generator and Portable metal detector. It can be put in the container or out the container and it doesn’t need to contact with the liquid.

It has a number of advantages. The structure of it is quite simple so it’s easy to produce. Besides, the cost of it is low so factories are interested in manufacturing it. What’s more, it’s reliable and the measured data are precise.

There is no doubt that the application of it is wide. Nowadays, nearly every family owns a car. We can know the petrol amount in our tank by observing the panel. When we enjoy this convenience without opening our tank, we should be aware that different kinds of X-ray security detector for measuring the volume make much contribution. Another example, in the factories that consume water, workers will supply water to the boiler before the boiler is dry. However, if the worker forgets to add water, a big disaster will happen. To avoid such things happening, the equipment is needed to remind the worker.

Liquid detector equipment does much contribution to our daily lives. It’s necessary for us to know about different kinds of liquids detector equipments.