The glass Castle

Jeannette Walls, here are several inspiring memoirs of people who have survived extremely abusive and difficult childhoods, yet who have found success in their adult lives. The stories are grim but inspiring.


Forgiveness- The action or process of forgiving or being forgiven.

Jeannette Walls is always forgiving her mother and father in an accepting way. She is always accepting them right back into her heart. She started to forgive her parents when she was three. For instance, when Jeannette burned herself while cooking hot dogs when her mom carelessly wasn't watching her. After she got back from six days under care. Her mother let her cook again and says, “Good for you, you have got to get right back in the saddle.” (15). She forgives her father when she tries to learn how to swim and her father dropped her into the water and she is nearly drowning. She forgives him and thinks his purpose is inspiring her to learn: “I figured he must be right, there was no other way to explain it.” (66).

Faith- complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

The walls Children struggle to keep faith in there parents. As Rex, the father, fails to deliver over and over again. Rex promises when he finishes his invention, that they will find endless amount of gold. Their father is constantly letting the children down but they always still have a small amount of faith in them.



At the beginning of the book Jeannette Walls is riding in a taxi in contemporary New York City, on her way to an event. At that time she see her mother digging for trash. She immediately tries to hide with shame of people finding out that's her mother. A day or two later she meets up with her mother and talks about how she wants to help out. The conversation goes the other way and her mother tells Jeannette that she has all her values wrong.

Rising Action

The rising action begins with Jeannette seeing her mother searching through a dumpster and then begins a series of flashbacks to her past as a kid. Jeanette falling out of a car, Rex killing dozens of kittens, trying to teach Jeanette to swim by tossing her into a hot spring, Jeanette shooting at a boy that was shooting a BB gun at her, Rex burning a Christmas tree, Rex taking all of Lori's, Brain's and Jeanette's money that they saved to go to New York, lots of Rex's drunken fits, Rose keeping a ring that could have feed the family for a few weeks but decided to keep it and Jeanette being bullied and beat up at school in Welch.


When Jeannette and her brother and sister escape their life in WV and strike out on their own. The problems do not stop there, they continue through out her journey in New York. Jeanette leaves Welch with Rex watching and only after Rex gives her his knife to keep her safe. She lives with Lori while she saves up money to buy her own apartment. Brain eventually comes along but not by himself, Rex and Rose follow him to New York.

Falling Action

The falling action in The Glass Castle involves the death of Rex, Jeanette divorcing herself, Brain joining the NYPD, Brain himself getting divorced, Maureen stabbing Rose, Rose continuing to live on the streets, the family staying a part from each other and finally getting back together and having a family dinner.


Then the end of the book comes with Jeanette and her family living out in the woods with her now husband, Maurine goes to California and Rose continues to live in her squatter building in New York.


Jeannette-  Jeannette is the main and the narrator of the story. She is the daughter of Rex and Rose Walls. Jeannette is the second oldest out of 4. Jeanette is the child with the most faith in her father. She is a all rounded person, she is always caring and always forgiving. Jeannette wants to become a journalist. She wants to pursue her dreams, so she goes to college in NY.

Dad-  Rex Walls is the father of Lori, Jeannette, Brian , and Maureen. Rose Mary Walls is his wife. Rex deals with the baggage of never being able to stay in one place for a long period of time and never being able to provide for his family. He believes that he will be able to make the blueprints of glass castle come true. With all he the problems he has he handles them by drinking. Rex struggles with alcoholism threw out the book. He always has faith when no one else does; he never gives up his dreams. At the end of the stort Rex passes away by a heart attack.  

Mom- Rose Mary Walls is the mother of Lori, Jeannette, Brian, and Maureen. Rex Walls is he husband. Rose get all her motivation from her art. She expresses her feelings with her art. Rose is a selfish person. Her problems come before anyone else's. She loves her family but always brings her own baggage on her children. As much as Rose wants to leave Rex she seems to never be able to leave him.


Welch, West Virginia is where the Walls family lived for a little while, and it is where filmmakers told Lori she should move to New York because of her talent.

Phoenix, Arizona is where the Walls move to live in the house that Rose Mary inherited from her mother.

Blythe, California is where Marueen is born.

The Mohjave desert is where the Walls family lived temporarily lived to find gold.

Bronx, New York is where the Walls family all ended up by the end of the book and at the beginning of their adulthood.

Important Quotes

“In my mind, Dad was perfect, although he did have what Mom called a bit of a drinking situation.”  (23)   -Jeannette begins to tell her relationship with her father.  

"The most important thing about life is learning how to fall." (123) -This quote has a powerful meaning to Jeannette. The meaning to the quote is that learning how to fall is going to help a lot of people to be successful in life because they've already experienced the downfall and learned from it. Jeannette has been threw a lot but still learns to move on and always is saying it gets better.

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