What Makes You ... You!?

   Q&a with "EZfree"

Q: So EZfree, where did you grow up?

A: Chester County PA, raised in Downingtown. I moved to Coatesville after I got out of foster care.

Q: Do you have anything you are you proud of?

A: Im proud of myself considering I was born disabled, grew up poor, became homeless, I was even sent to foster care. Then pushing myself to get my own car, family, apartment and put myself in college. When I look back on my life and realize where I came from, and seeing everything I have now, it makes me feel rich.

Q: How did you get the name EZfree?

A: In middle school i always used to freestyle in class and my friend gave me the name EZ freestyle. But I changed it to EZfree, meaning that there is nothing easy about my life. It's been a hard journey from the beginning so I gotta stay EZfree until the end.

Q: Nice tattoo, do you have more?

A: Yeah, I like celtic art so I'm trying to do a viking theme sleeve, but its in the making.

Q: You talk a lot about positivity in your lyrics, what inspires you to do good?

A: I firmly believe in the law of attraction. Visualizing what I want in life, while ignoring what I don't. Its been working for me so far. I feel that positivity breeds more positivity. Looking at life like that gives me more than enough inspiration to do good.

Q: What is your favorite hobby?

A: I'd have to say the process of production, like mixing a song, editing videos, making art a masterpiece.

Q: Have you ever had your heart broken?

A: Yeah, I won't lie. But I am much better with out her.

Q: What bothers you about todays Hip-Hop scene?

A: The lack of authenticity, but artists like me are fixing that.

Q: What influences you to pursue music as a career?

A: One, I love music. Two, I deserve to be heard. I have a story to tell that could possibly improve the outlook of some else. Then if I change some ones life for the better, through lyrics, mission complete.

Q: Whats next for EZfree?

A: Success! Blogs, mixtapes, videos, love, good health and wealth!


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