Civilians in Space?

by: Meghan Strathdee

Space travel is one of the many ways we learn about space. Do you think civilians should be able to travel into space? I do not think that civilians should go into space. the space travel would cost a lot of money. There are also many safety hazards with traveling into space and if there was an emergency, normal civilians wouldn't know or just wouldn't be prepared for what to do.

Do you have thousands of dollars to spend on a single trip to space? Not many civilians have that kind of money. On the trip to space, you could possibly be paying for many things such as food, special space suits, and for your tickets which would be the most expensive part. A single trip to space could cost up to thousands of dollars. Now, would you rather spend your money on multiple trips to a tropical paradise or one trip to space?

Space traveling could be a once in a life time experience, but with that comes many dangerous hazards. Right after the space craft leaves the ground, there are many hazards, such as exploding before it even getting through the atmosphere. There are also many things in space that could hit the engine, and it would not be able to return to Earth. The space craft also has a limited oxygen supplies and it could run out while you're in space.

 If you were in space and something went wrong, what would you do? All astronauts are trained for problems like this. an average citizen is not trained for anything in space. Even if there was an astronaut on the space craft, the other untrained people could bet in the way and prevent the astronaut from fixing the problem.

Space is a very unpredictable place. With the expensive and dangers of traveling to space, are you willing to take the risk and go to space?     

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