by: Arciana

INTRODUCTION:There are a lot of dogs and animals in the world. Well you are going to be hearing about Cavenies and its a type of dog that is hypoallergenic. These dogs need to be cared for, and needs attention. Im also gonna be talking about what they look like and what they are like so like owning.

Physical description: Cavenies stop growing when they are two. Cavenies don’t grow so big. Mostly, all of them grow about a medium size. When they are born they are very tiny and hardly liked to be moved around a lot. They don’t come so fluffy but as they grow up they will. Some of them are fuzzy and they need a haircut once in a awhile just don't cut their hair a lot because you might want some fuzzy.

Owning:Owning these dogs are fun because they are kind and loyal to you you. These dogs love family and friends but if these dogs don’t see them often or ever but only once they might get mad. So like if you touch the owner you can be barked at sometimes but then they get used to you maybe they will start being nice. Cavenies are very protective when they hear noises or here somebody they bark.

Caring: Caring for a dog can be awesome. Sometimes you have to take it seriously. If you don't the dog can get very sick. Now for these dogs you have to get them brushed. If you don't get them brushed it will get very nasty and tangley. Next you have to bath them if you don't they will start to really stink like other dogs. Now this one is important you have to have to feed these dogs correctly you can’t feed them table scraps like some other dogs. These dogs can get sick from that.

Attention: If you don’t pay attention to these cavenies they might get really lazy. Now they need a lot of exercise these dogs like to go outside a lot they stand by the door that means they want to go outside. Also take them for walks they love that also. Now they like to be petted a lot like behind their ears. Now this is a bit funny because when you start to pet them on the back they roll to their stomachs and have you scratch their stomachs its kinda funny once you see it in real live like when you right next to one.
Conclusion: Hypoallergenic dogs are amazing they are hypoallergenic dogs. So if people are allergic to certain dogs well these are good for them. Well I covered how these dogs are like. So think about getting one of these dogs because they are awesome. Also there are many of these in the world and remember go and buy a cavenies dog.:)

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