Step By Step Volleyball


What sport has 1 court,2 teams,3 touches,25 points,and 1 winner?


Do you want to play volleyball but don't think you have the right moves? This tackk will teach you how to become a succesful volleyball player.You will learn how to bump,set,serve,block,and spike.


When you bump at a practice or a game,bump with your legs bent,arms extended,body and knees to ball.While playing also remember not to swing your arms.Don't let the ball drop. move your feet to the ball.When your getting a low ball always bump.


When a ball is over your shoulders while setting.make sure hands and are in a diamond structure.Also set when team mates bump the ball high set over the net.


When serving release the ball,do not contact the volleyball court while serving. Remember if you don't think the toss is right,drop the ball and get out of the way immediately,if you don't and it lands on your foot or your knees it is counted as a foul.


Seal the net with your hands and thumbs pointing up.Extend arms across net,to help you block make sure to plant your your feet so you can jump up and down at a particular   height.Move along the net to block.While in the position to block have your arms ball width apart,arms locked.Extend arms whenever possible.Shoulders should always be square to net. Remember don't bump into the net,if you do it would be counted as a foul.


When you spike the winning point,spike with your legs bent,also remember to position yourself on the attack line,start approach and jump.After the ball is set to you,hit the ball.Follow through your landing.

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