It's Not Work, It's Passion

One Video Production Company's Beginning

Episode 11 Studios is a video production, commercial photography, and 3d computer graphics company in Charlotte, NC. Starting in 2007, we had no money, no equipment, no business contacts, and no experience in running a business, but what we did have was pure, raw, passion.

Passion has carried up through some really tough times-financially speaking. We have always vowed to continue on, out of passion. Now, after 8 years, several primetime TV shows, an award-winning documentary, feature film, and countless corporate videos later, we know that passion is the reason that we're still here. After all, it's not work, it's passion.

My hope is that you find your true passion and pursue it with extreme fervor. Never give up on your passion, because it's what will get you through any adversity. Keep your head up when those put you down. Get up when you're knocked down. Challenge the status-quo. Dance to your own music, and never let go of your passion.

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