In Ancient Egypt the land is mostly desert. The only reason that they were able to grow crops is because the Nile River is right next to them. The Nile River creates rich soil.

stable food supply

The farmers ate bread, fruits, vegetables, lamb, and goats. They used clay ovens to cook. Their main drink was beer made of barley. most people were farmers. they grew barley for beer and wheat. Also they grew vegetables such as onions and cucumber. the bread they ate was rough therefore, it wore down their teeth. for almost everything they did they used water. the reason they were able to grow crops so easily was because they lived near the Nile River. the Nile River made the soil rich.



Ra was the sun god also was most important. Osiris was the ruler of the under world and god of the dead. Heris was the god of the sky. If the Egyptians didn't believe in even one god then they were most likely to be executed. they thought the gods controlled everything you do and that happens. They thought that the gods were the "chosen ones."

system of government

their government was ruled b a Phero. He had an hierarchy of rulers and leaders to help him. Khofu built a famous pyramid. He was cruel, harsh leader. Senusret was the patrion of the Arts. He was a strong leader. Hatshepsut was the first woman phero of ancient Egypt. promoter of ancient Egypt trade. One of her greatest accomplishments was her rise to power. Ramus 2 was the military leader. He also was a master builder.

the arts

The Egyptians built sculptures over 60ft tall. For their smaller sculptures they used material such as ivory, limestone, basalt, wood glided with gold, and even solid gold glided with gold. Their are painters in ancient Egypt. They paint pictures of the activities and their way of life. they made their own instaments for music.

advances in technology

they made the first pen and paper. they made medicine to cure sickness. they also made ships. they used math and numbers to keep track business transactions. they made tooth paste to clean teeth from their bread.

written language

They wrote with pen and paper. Their paper was made by bushes. We can read their writing because the the pictures that go with it and also our research. archaeologists have to read it. If people never learned how to read that stuff we never would of knew what we know now.

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